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Festschrift in Honour of Professor Jeremy Smith

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This volume contains a collection of works by Spanish researchers on the History of the English Language and Medieval Studies, in which the philological perspective is central. These scholars have come together in this tribute to Professor Smith, having shared decades of professional relationship, both in Glasgow and in different universities in Spain. These contributions are closely aligned with some of his main interests and areas of expertise, mainly manuscript studies, historical linguistics and editing. The chapters cover a wide range of topics related to philological studies and are aimed at both professionals and students.

Studies in English Language and Literature (SELAL)
Lenguaje: historia y obras generales
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Graham D. Caie


De la Cruz Cabanillas, Isabel and María José Esteve Ramos

1. Middle English Astro-Medical Texts in New Haven, Yale Medical Library MS 47
Alonso-Almeida, Francisco, Elena Domínguez-Morales and Elena Quintana-Toledo

2. On the History of Research on Spelling Standardisation in Late Middle English
Conde-Silvestre, J. Camilo

3. A Study of Therapeutic Plant Names in a Late Middle English Medical Corpus
De la Cruz-Cabanillas, Isabel and Diego-Rodríguez, Irene

4. An Edition and Study of The Cure of Bytyng in London, Wellcome Library, MS 411 (ff. 56r–61r)
Esteban-Segura, Laura

5. A Middle English Verse Version of The Revelatio Esdrae
Gallardo, Antonio Jesús and David Moreno-Olalla

6. Elizabeth Elstob, Just a Philologist
Mele-Marrero, Margarita

7. The Transmission of Exempla in Mediaeval Romances: Manuscripts, Sources and Reception
Prades-Yerves, Lidón and Esteve-Ramos, María José

8. "Of the great antiqvitie of ovr ancient English tovng": Camden's and Verstegan's Influence on Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Historical Accounts of the English Language
Rodríguez-Álvarez, Alicia

9. The Genitive in Farman's Gloss to the Rushworth Gospels
Rodríguez-Ledesma, Nieves

10. On the Expression of Instrumentality in the History of English (1350-1910): by way of vs. by means of
Romero-Barranco, Jesús and Javier Calle-Martín

Sobre Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas (Coordinadora)

  • Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas
    Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas se licenció y doctoró en Filología Inglesa en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Desde 1994 es profesora en la Universidad de Alcalá, donde imparte cursos de grado y postgrado en lengua y lingüística inglesas. Su área de especialización es la histo... Ver más sobre el autor

Sobre María José Esteve Ramos (Coordinadora)

  • María José Esteve Ramos
    María José Esteve cursó su licenciatura en la Universitat Jaume I, donde posteriormente obtuvo su doctorado europeo. Desde 2004 es profesora en la misma universidad, donde imparte docencia de inglés antiguo y medio, lingüística diacrónica y aspecteos culturales de la lengua y las... Ver más sobre el autor